DATE: 2019-02-26
Sesame Motor PGSH inline planetary gearheads are developed for easy integration with gantry robot assembly equipment driven by servo motors. One-piece planet carrier/output shaft and newly designed gear profile benefit higher output torque, precision, loading capacity and lower noise level. High quality gears, components and synthetic lubricant are utilized to create compact and rigid unit with low backlash and service life operation. 2 levels of precision are available with frame sizes from 42-142 mm and output torque 8-550 Nm. Adapters for all servo motors.
  • Easey integration with gantry robot
  • One-piece planet carrier/output shaft, high torsional rigidity and loading capacity
  • One-piece compact ring gear design, high precision and output torque
  • Alloy steel precision gears, low backlash, low noise, high wear resistance
  • Lubricated for life and IP65 sealing
  • 2 levels of precision, frame size 42-142 mm
  • Adapters for all servo motors
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