Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

Sesame servo spiral bevel gearboxes are ideal for use in applications that require high dynamic motion control. The compact and rigid design ensure good performance with space and weight efficient at the same time. Lubricated for life and IP65 sealing benefit virtually maintenance-free operation for 20,000 hours. They are provided in five frame sizes with flange or shaft inputs/outputs. Servo motor input speed up to 8,500 rpm. Multi flange or shaft outputs in standard backlash less than 9 arc-minutes. Motor adapter customized to virtually all servo motors.
  • Compact and rigid design ensure performance within light and small gearbox size
  • The highest input speed up to 8,500 rpm
  • Lubricated for life and IP65 sealing
  • High operating efficiency more than 98%
  • Low noise, low vibration, maintenance-free under normal operating conditions
Typical applications: precision rotary axis drives, travel gantry and columns, material handling axis drives and industrial areas in automation, aerospace, machine tool and robotics.

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